Guests From Hell

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Ever been to a party that has a couple who gets really drunk and abnoxious? People don’t stop talking about it, well… you can hire that couple. Perhaps a couple who bickers all night is more to your taste. Why not have a friend who has just recently separated from his wife attend, watch as he tries to hit on every thing that moves at your gathering!

Let these two comedic minds offer you ideas that will make your occasion truly unique. You supply names, background and details, we create a family member just for you.

Next time you have a cocktail party why not have your “relatives” from out of town drop by……..and then watch as the fun begins!

Guests From Hell

Your Funny Drunk Uncle

My Cousin The ex-Stripper

Someone’s Former Lover

The Multi-Level Marketing Gal

The Couple Who Can’t Stand Each Other

The Farter

Swinging Couple

Mr. Know-It-All

The Cougar

If you can come up with an idea these two can make it happen.  Halfway through dinner, stage a robbery next door, fake an illness. Have the police arrive, city workmen, repairmen, cable workers. Have your cop bring one of your kids home. Have your neighbour crash the party drunk….the sky’s the limit.



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