The Acorn Stairlift (Spoof)

Advertisers and fortune 500 companies have known for years the value of comedic content when selling a service or product for clients. Some of the best known and impressive ad campaigns have come from funny concepts, slogans and catch phrases.

Home Invasion Studios can create individual ads or a series of ads for any product or service you want the world to know about. Using Canada’s top comedy minds for the creative side then enlisting our funniest and best comedic actors we produce amusing, engaging, satiric and/or edgy ads across all platforms. We also write and produce comedic public service announcements, comedy videos and comedy spoofs for clients.

Betchoo Pre-Drink Party Game App

Cash for Access (Comedy PSA)

Lost Commercial

Headrest Commercial

Hero GoPro (Spoof)

For Whom the Toll Bills (Comedy PSA)

Ford Employee Pricing (Spoof)

Standmate Commercial.

We’re in Jeopardy (Comedy PSA)

A Very Few Good Men (Comedy PSA)

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