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“Five Days” Sci Fi 90 min Feature Screenplay

*Honorable Mention: Tokyo International Film Festival

After a massive celestial event a physicist learns he has only days to rescue our fragile reality.

Written by David Merry and Larry Horowitz


“Switched at Death” 100 min Comedy Feature Film

Winner “Best Feature Film” 2024 Rome International Movie Awards 
Winner “Best First Time Director” 2024 Rome International Movie Awards
Winner “Best Comedy Film” 2024 Los Angeles Film Awards
Winner “Best First Time Director” 2024 Los Angeles Film Awards
Winner “Best Feature Film” 2024 Madrid International Movie Awards
Winner “Best First Time Director” 2024 Madrid International Movie Awards
Winner “Best Costume Design” 2024 Madrid International Movie Awards
Winner “Best Comedy Film” 2023 New York International Film Awards 
Winner “Best First Time Director” 2023 New York International Film Awards
Finalist “Best Feature Film” 2024 Manchester Lift Off Film Festival
Finalist 2024 Prague International Film Awards
Finalist “Best Feature Narrative” 2023 Sydney Lift Off Film Festival 
Finalist “Best Feature Narrative” 2023 Melbourne Lift Off Film Festival 
“Official Selection” Best Feature Film” 2024 Madrid International Movie Awards 
“Official Selection” Best First Time Director” 2024 Madrid International Movie Awards 
“Official Selection” Best First Time Director 2024 London Director Awards
“Official Selection” Best Comedy Director 2024 London Director Awards
“Official Selection” 2024 Berlin Lift Off Film Festival
“Official Selection” 2024 Tokyo Lift Off Film Festival
“Official Selection” 2024 Austin Lift Off Film Festival
“Official Selection” 2024 Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival 
“Official Selection” 2023 London Lift Off Film Festival
“Official Selection” 2023 Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes – Milan – Athens 

*Winner “Best Screenplay” at 2019 Canada International Film Festival
*Finalist “Best Screenplay” 2020 Houston Comedy Film Festival
*Finalist “International Screenplay” 2020 Portland Comedy Film Festival
*Finalist “Best Screenplay” 2020 Atlanta Comedy Film Festival
*Quarter-Finalist “Best Screenplay” 2020 Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes
*Semi-Finalist “Best Screenplay” 2020 StoryPros International Screenplay Contest
*Finalist “Best Feature Screenplay” 2020 Paris Lift-Off Film Festival

After his wife kicks him out, a self-centered computer analyst moves into the retirement home of the only person he hasn’t pissed off, his wife’s grandma. As he starts learning how to play well with others, he uncovers a sinister enterprise, forcing him to try and save his marriage and his new friends without getting himself killed.

Home Invasion Studios Inc. in association with High Star Entertainment. Directed by David Merry Release date TBD Spring of 2024.

Written by David Merry, Marty Putz and Larry Horowitz

Writers Guild Registration # 1603058


“The CAGE” Suspense Thriller 95 min Feature ScreenplayFinalist: 

Winner: Best Screenplay 2018 Canada International Film Festival
Winner: Best Feature Screenplay 2021 New York Tri-State International Film Festival
Finalist: 2024 Best Screenplay Japan International Film Festival
Official Selection: Best Feature Screenplay 2020 Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival
Official Selection 2024 Toronto Indie Film Festival

Three strangers find themselves incarcerated and soon realize it’s not a conventional jail.  Before long, they wish to God it was…

Written by David Merry and Larry Horowitz

Writers Guild Registration # S18-00413


“The Harvest” Action Adventure 96 min Feature Screenplay

When another plane mysteriously disappears off the coast of a brutal regime nation a rescue team is deployed after finding out a disgraced DIA operative was on the ill fated flight.

Written by David Merry and Larry Horowitz
Not currently available* Under option to Triality Productions Paris France
Based on an idea by Luc JB Begin


“Off Season” 8 one hour episode series

Off Season is a sixty-minute serial narrative that starts in the Mexican desert and eventually winds it’s way to a small resort town in Canada. As we peel back layers told in both present time and flashback we soon discover we are involved in the hunt for a murderer seen through the eyes of the three principles involved in the case. The series follows the murder victim’s powerful brother as he ruthlessly searches for his sister’s killer, the group of American twenty somethings who have first-hand knowledge of the grisly event and the other twenty something who disappeared after it happened.

Created by  Tim Steeves and David Merry

Based on an idea from Tim Steeves


“Old Flame” Romance 92 min Feature Screenplay

When her boyfriend Michael goes on another unannounced business trip  Candice, goes to her house on Cape Cod for the summer. There she learns about her past and meets an OLD FLAME as the house gets renovated by her new contractor Jeff.

Written by Larry Horowitz

Writers Guild Registration # 1328111


“SUMMER JOB” Family/Comedy 97 min Feature Screenplay

In this coming of age comedy, after their clubhouse burns down five twelve-year-olds get their first glimpse of the adult world as they deal with family issues, getting jobs and a mystifying event that baffles their town.

Written by Marty Putz and David Merry

Writers Guild Registration # 2015534


“OPTICS” Suspense/Thriller 95 min Feature Screenplay

Using ideas from his student’s assignments a young college professor sells a screenwriter “instructions” for committing three untraceable crimes for his “movie”. A robbery, a kidnapping and a murder… He should have stopped after the first two.

Written by David Merry

Writers Guild Registration # I247526


“Dead and Breakfast” Horror 92 min Feature Screenplay

After his parents don’t return after their holiday from the small Irish town of Killmorris, German thirty-something Hans Weber goes searching for them and discovers a bed and breakfast sheltering more than just tourists.

Written by David Merry

Writers Guild Registration # I269183



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“The Winner” 30 min reality comedy (See Sizzles)

World Renowned comedian & entertainer Marty Putz enters contests and figures out how to win.  His two trusted & entertaining advisors makes sure he wins by studying the event. It’s a hilarious journey through the wacky and kooky world of events and Marty makes sure he has a chance to win…every time.
Created by Marty Putz


“Extreme Sandbox” 30 min reality game (See Sizzles)

Extreme Sandbox is an amazing half-hour reality game show hosted by a comedian where twelve teams comprised of two family members each compete against each other in various races & challenges centered around the construction industry. Every kid at one time dreamed of operating these incredible toys.

On this show they’ll now design, budget and initiate projects using massive construction machinery with the ultimate goal of becoming champion and winning their brand new family dream house!

Created by Glenda Fordham, David Merry and Larry Horowitz


“Surprise Announcement” 30 min reality (See Sizzles)

This 30 minute reality, lifestyle show captures the excitement and joy as people dream up incredibly fun and inventive ways to tell family and friends they’ve got an announcement!

Created by Jeff Chadwick


“The Minefield” 60 min game show (See Sizzles)

Two players try and accumulate as much money as they can from the Minefield.  There are no skill-testing questions that need answering, no physical stunts that must be performed.  All they have to do is pick numbers from 1 to 56.

With over one million dollars up for grabs, it’s possible they could both easily rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The catch is, only oneof them will have the chance to take their money home.  The other player goes home empty handed.

Created by Lawrence Morgenstern and David Merry


“Jeff Leeson Comedy Special” 60 min (See Sizzles)

“Grandma Used to Heckle Me”

Live Comedy Concert taping in front of a sold out Music Hall in London Ontario
April 28 2018. Starring Jeff Leeson. Directed by David Merry D.O.P Ali Greene


“The Local” 30 min sitcom

Meet Hugh – a 50 something who never grew up.  

Whether it’s politics, religion, sex or political correctness, he will always point out the Emperor-person has no clothes. What’s so controversial about calling ‘bullshit’ when you see it? Apparently, everything… He’s an anti-religion anti-atheist, a vegan-hating Mc-restaurant basher. A guy who has a distrust of police and a belief you need law and order to keep people from being assholes.

He will soon be the most hated man in Canada. And possibly one of the most loved…

Created by David Merry, Tim Steeves and George Westerholm


“Beside Myself” 30 min reality lifestyle comedy

“Taking the boor out of Neighboor”

What happens when you finally buy your dream house only to find it comes with nightmare neighbors?  Beside Myself is a half-hour reality comedy show that documents the plight of warring neighbors and then finds creative ways to mend the fences, problem-solve and make peace!

Created by David Merry, Tim Steeves and George Westerholm


“Celebrity Hitchhiking” 30 min realty comedy show

“TMZ meets The Great Race”

Remember when Bono was picked up hitchhiking in a downpour while on tour with U2 in Vancouver? You couldn’t believe the story… we all said, “Why couldn’t I have been the guy that picked him up!”

Well sit back, relax and watch what happens when famous people are picked up curbside by unsuspecting people going about their everyday lives.

Created by David Merry, Tim Steeves and George Westerholm


“Raising Fame” 30 min reality show

LeBron James, Justin Beiber, Mark Zuckerberg… we all know who they are.

Now it’s time to meet their folks.

They are loved by millions around the world. But you know who loved them first? You will now!

Raising Fame” throws the spotlight on the Mums, the Dads, or in some cases the Aunts or Grandparents, who ran the household that created a household name.

Created by David Merry, Tim Steeves and George Westerholm


“Bellevue Country Club” 30 min sit-com

“Caddy Shack Meets Faulty Towers”

After inheriting a nine-hole golf course from his “shady” uncle, a fisherman and his wife move from Ireland to Canada. Foreign cultures collide and collude as the new owners have to adjust to the Canadian way of life plus work with their dysfunctional staff to keep “Bellevue Country Club” open.

Written By Dave Merry, Larry Horowitz


“Bingo” 30 min sit-com

“Fargo meets Northern Exposure” 

A pencil pushing bureaucrat has to move back to the reservation for a year, in order to inherit the bingo hall his estranged father left him. Finally, a fish back in water story. 

Created and written by Ian Sirota, David Merry and Don Kelly


“Fashionistas” 30 min reality make-over

“Guerilla make-overs for your Gorilla”

 Fashionistas is a half-hour reality surprise make-over show for men who really need to up their game! 

Created by George Westerholm,
Co-creators Laurie Elliott, Time Steeves, Dave Merry


“Powerless” 60 min drama fantasy

Thirteen years after the disappearance of humanity, a reluctant superhero must protect the most valuable thing in a world of unpredictable Superhumans – a twelve year old girl.

Written by Will Conlon


“The Change” 60 min drama fantasy suspense

A man attempting to trade his disturbing past for a normal life destroys everything and everyone he cares about after trying to control the one thing he can’t – changing into a werewolf.

Written by Will Conlon


“The Substitute” 30 min reality kids

“Where David Blaine meets punk’d”

The Substitute is a hidden camera, kids show that has accomplished magicians absolutely bamboozling groups of children with magic as they pose as substitutes in various everyday professions.

Created by David Merry and Michael Close


“Career 180” 30 min documentary reality

CAREER 180 is a reality-lifestyle show that searches the world for people who have had the most amazing swings in occupation changes. You will see how a man goes from investment banker to butcher and how a successful tax lawyer gives it all up to become a magician.

Created by Jeff Chadwick and David Merry


“Dogs Playing Poker” 30 min factual family pet game show

Dogs Playing Poker pits five sets of “Best Friend” teams (a parent, a young owner and their dog) against each other in a series of fun challenges and activities. As they proceed each team collects playing cards and at the end of the show the team with the best poker hand wins scholarship money for the team’s young pet owner!

Created by Chris Quigley and David Merry


“Table for One” 30 min factual reality lifestyle cooking

Table for One is a half hour cooking show, hosted by a nationally known chef who is joined by a different, unmarried celebrity each week. The show teaches viewers how to make healthy, economical, flavourful dishes that are easy to prepare for one person.

Created by David Merry


“Who the Hell Lives There” 30 min reality

Ever been driving along a secluded road and seen a house that looks so run down and so dishevelled that nobody could possibly live there. As you drive past you see a dog on a chain or kids toys out front and that is the moment you realize it‘s actually inhabited….your very next though is “Who the Hell Lives There”? Several thoughts race through your mind. How could someone possibly live in that building, how could someone live in this remote an area or how is that building even standing!

This half hour reality TV show introduces the viewer to the owners of such properties.


WITHOUT A DIME 30 min comedy competition reality game show

The show features two comedians in this is a reality based, improv – game show. Each week the comics will board buses after being stripped of their credit cards, wallets and cell phones. Using nothing but their minds, they must figure out how to earn money for meals, secure lodging and ultimately bus fare home after spending a night in a strange town “Without a Dime”.

Created by David Merry


“Morton the Magician” 30 min animated family

This enchanting new animated TV series chronicles the adventures of Morton, a young boy who dreams of one day becoming a famous magician.

Created by Sheldon Cassavant


“Straight Face” 30 min reality comedy game show

STRAIGHT FACE is a hidden camera game show where unmitigated gall and moxie are requirements as contestants have to say the most outrageous things to complete strangers while attempting to keep a “straight face”.

Created by Dave Merry, Jeff Hammond and Ray Anderson


“Freaks with Nature” 30 min factual educational reality

“Freaks with Nature” is an amazing half hour exploration of what can
be done with wood, rocks, bark, pebbles, sand and a variety of other materials found at the cottage when put into the hands of creative geniuses. This is a cottage owner and DIY enthusiast’s dream come true! Watch as these everyday Rembrandts take you through the entire creative process of building some of the coolest cottage tables, chairs, lamps, art, knick knacks and every day amenities found right on their properties!

Created by David Merry


“House Money” 30 min factual educational real estate

House Money is a factual, Real estate, edutainment show that helps real couples who have struggled getting mortgages, find solutions.

Created by David Merry


“I’m the New Guy” 30 min reality comedy game show

“Hide and Go Seek meets Punk’d”

I’M THE NEW GUY! is a hidden camera game show that tests the gall and sheer nerve of the contestants as they walk into actual places of business and act like the “New Guy” and see how long they can pretend to work at the location before they are caught and asked to leave.

Created by David Merry


“The Cabin” 30 min comedy reality

THE CABIN is a reality comedy show that lets viewers into a world rarely seen by the public, as it follows four different comedians as they go away for a fun filled, party infused weekend at a cabin by the lake for the sole purpose of making each other laugh and coming up with new material for their professional acts.

Created by David Merry


“Bury the Hatchet” 30 min self-help reality

This fascinating show documents attempted reconciliations with new participants each week as they confront the people and issues that are at the very core of their lengthy, often hateful disputes.

Created by David Merry and Warren Campbell


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