Short Film Road Rage (Suspense/Thriller)


A rural couple are terrorized by a man who may have killed their only son in a suspected case of Road Rage.

Shot in autumn against the beauty of the Hockley Valley area of Ontario, Canada, David Merry in his directorial debut captures the desolation of rural living in this short film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. With minimal dialogue and a psychological bent, Director of photography, Ali Greene takes the audience on a ride both visually and emotionally as tension builds to a fever pitch as a rural couple gets followed by a man, through town and back to their desolate country home in this well acted, gritty little suspense short. Made in conjunction with Loft Creative and True Gravity Productions.


Short Film: Invisible Fencing (Comedy)

A comedic look on how Invisble Fencing is installed. Directed, written and co-produced by David Merry,  Shot and Co-produced with Jeff Chadwick.

“Invisible Fencing” from True Gravity Productions on Vimeo.


Short Film: Silent letters (Comedy)

A closer look on how quirky the English language can be for people learning it!

Written and produced by David Merry

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