Road Rage

Road Rage Trailer from Home Invasion Studios on Vimeo.

The official trailer of David Merry’s gritty suspense thriller that made the rounds at short film festivals


The Winner
World Renowned comedian & entertainer Marty Putz enters contests and figures out how to win.  His two trusted & entertaining advisors makes sure he wins by studying the event. It’s a hilarious journey through the wacky and kooky world of events and Marty makes sure he has a chance to win…every time

Extreme Sandbox ES from Home Invasion Studios on Vimeo.

Extreme Sandbox is an amazing half-hour reality game show hosted by a comedian where twelve teams comprised of two family members each compete against each other in various races & challenges centered around the construction industry. Every kid at one time dreamed of operating these incredible toys.

On this show they’ll now design, budget and initiate projects using massive construction machinery with the ultimate goal of becoming champion and winning their brand new family dream house!

Created by Glenda Fordham, David Merry and Larry Horowitz


 Surprise Announcement This 30 minute reality, lifestyle show captures the excitement and joy as people dream up incredibly fun and inventive ways to tell family and friends they’ve got an announcement!

Created by Jeff Chadwick

The Minefield (Formerly known as The Money Wall) 60 min game show
Currently optioned by Out & About Productions LLC

Created by Lawrence Morgenstern and David Merry


“Grandma Used to Heckle Me”

Live Comedy Concert taping in front of a sold out Music Hall in London Ontario
April 28 2018. Starring Jeff Leeson. Directed by David Merry D.O.P Ali Greene